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Mindray DP-9900 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

Overview Technical

DP-9900 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic System is a gem that combines Mindray's creative all digital ultrasound technology and the most ergonomic engineering design. With outstanding imaging quality and complete information solution, DP-9900 brings customers the most human and ergonomic value experience.

Mindray aims and meeting customers' clinical needs with each and every set of solution, not only now but also in the future.

Outstanding Image Quality

Benefiting from revolutionary all digital ultrasound imaging technology and the latest advancement in electronic engineering, DP-9900 features outstanding image quality and rich functionalities, which fully meets various clinical requirements. A source of confidence in your diagnosis, DP-9900 is thus rated as a classic model of black and white ultrasound systems.

Ergonomic Value Experience

Sticking to the "people-first" value, DP-9900 exersices to the full its ergonomic design, streamlined operation flow and attention to details, which combine to bring customers the most human and ergonomic value experience with ultrasound

New generation of all digital ultrasound imaging technology, a guarantee of quality imaging

  • all digital ultrasound engine
  • Super integrated design
  • Newest image processing core