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Sonoline Antares Ultrasound System

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New, Expanded Capabilities

The new software upgrade including fourSight 4D ultrasound imaging technology for the SONOLINE Antares™ ultrasound system offers a wide variety of imaging and workflow enhancements along with added data management features that combine to expand the clinical capabilities for your practice challenges.

The Antares system was built on four foundations that mark the beginning of a new paradigm in ultrasound imaging: Diagnostic Precision, DIMAQ-IP, ErgoDynamic™ imaging system design, and Workflow Control.

Diagnostic Precision

The Antares system achieves unprecedented Diagnostic Precision through:

  • Maximum Information Signal Acquisition (MISA) Beamformation
  • GigaProcessing Technology
  • Precision Up-Sampling
  • Core Acoustic Performance

The powerful combination of these technologies results in superb
contrast and spatial resolution, higer frame rates, a purer signal, and improved signal-to-noise ratio.

DIMAQ-IP Integrated Workstation

DIMAQ-IP offers advanced image processing as well as data and image management functionality. Images are easily managed, as are measurements and calculations, reports, on-board patient files, and high-speed storage and retrieval using open standards such as DICOM, and syngo™, which provide the tools required to keep pace with current and evolving technologies. Also featured are eUltrasound, an electronic patient file management, and eManual, an electronic user manual integrated directly within the DIMAQ-IP workstation.

ErgoDynamic Design

The unique outer architecture of the Antares system optimizes accessibility and operator comfort. ErgoDynamic design encompasses lightweight SuppleFlex™ transducer cables, microCase™ transducer miniaturization technology, and an easy access design.

All of these combined help minimize the problem of repetitive stress disorder from operator-machine interaction, including tendon and joint problems and operator fatigue.

Workflow Control

With the SONOLINE Antares, interactivity between operator, system controls, and the image is streamlined. The user interface and keyboard are designed to anticipate ultrasound workflow. Based on common operating system structures, the syngo screen is easy to use and follow, anticipating and executing user instructions. All syngo-speaking systems offer similar functionality and user interface design.

Sonoline Antares Ultrasound System