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Siemens X150 Ultrasound System

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Delivering top performance. Outstanding value. Diagnostic scalability.

The Siemens X150™ ultrasound system delivers an outstanding combination of diagnostic performance, ergonomics and scalability at an extraordinary value. Compact and ultra-portable, the X150 system integrates state-of-the-art imaging technologies to deliver top diagnostic performance.

True scalability. The X150 system has the flexibility to grow as clinical and patient needs change over time. This brings more clinical capabilities within reach for practices of every size and caseload.

Outstanding value for general imaging and specialty applications. The upgradeable X150 system gives the user total flexibility to fit evolving diagnostic needs. User-installable software upgrades for future technology advancements maximize and protect your investment.

Smart. Intuitive. Performs in any environment. Ultra-compact and mobile, the X150 system combines an intuitively simple, yet powerful, user interface with highly functional ergonomics.

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