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Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Overview

The Siemens Acuson X700™ ultrasound system is engineered for the most critical innovation: confidence, in both your diagnoses and your investment. Leveraging the premium technologies of our higher-end systems, this core system delivers advanced imaging that’s compatible across a wide variety of our ultrasound system transducers. It’s a workhorse with thoroughbred DNA—so you get the flexible system you need today as well as the adaptability to meet the demands of tomorrow.

  • Discover a new standard of standard with advanced imaging technologies migrated from our industry-leading Siemens Acuson S Family™ ultrasound systems.
  • Power your practice with tools built for efficiency including a single-transducer solution for vascular and small parts, knowledge-based workflow tools, and more.
  • Back your investment with industry-leading reliability, cost-effective transducer solutions, and advanced features that can grow with your clinical demands.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Features & Benefits

How do you breed a cost-effective ultrasound system without unnecessary compromises? You borrow from the best and focus on the future. The Siemens Acuson X700™ ultrasound system features a sophisticated imaging engine migrated from our premium imaging products as well as technology to bolster compatibility across systems. It’s designed to be a practical, reliable, and easy-to-operate solution that runs like a champion in any ultrasound environment.

Innovation Migration

With the Siemens Acuson X700 system, we chose features from some of the most proven sophisticated imaging systems on the market and packaged them in a purpose-built platform. It’s engineered to be a workhorse. But with advanced imaging technology migrated from our premium systems, it’s a workhorse with thoroughbred DNA.

Learn more about the sophisticated technologies leveraged on the practical Siemens Acuson X700 system.

Engineered Efficiency

We know that even the smallest efficiencies can add up to an increase in your daily productivity. That’s why the Siemens Acuson X700 system includes a wide range of time-saving benefits including ergonomic design, an intuitive interface, and excellent, responsive service.

Learn more about how you can streamline your workflow with the Siemens Acuson X700 system.

Freedom to Grow

We’ve designed the Siemens Acuson X700 system with built-in features that permit upgrades on your timetable, such transducer compatibility with both Siemens Acuson X Family™ ultrasound system transducers as well as Siemens Acuson S Family system transducers. It has the flexibility to meet your needs today and the potential to evolve to meet the challenges of the future.

Learn more about the Siemens Acuson X700 system for the demands of today, and tomorrow.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Clinical Use

Modern medicine has no room for a one-trick pony, so we’ve designed the Siemens Acuson X700™ ultrasound system to work across a wide range of ultrasound environments from shared-service to specialized arenas such as cardiology, breast, and musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging. This clinical versatility, supported by an advanced imaging engine, helps deliver confident, core imaging where you need it most.


Meet your cardiac and vascular imaging challenges with an ultrasound system that features automated tools for increased speed and reliability as well as sophisticated imaging technologies—migrated from higher-end systems—to support the utmost clinical clarity.

Parasternal Long Axis View

Improved sensitivity to low velocity/low flow jets demonstrated using the 4V1c transducer.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Parasternal Long Axis View

Popliteal Artery

Color and Pulsed Wave Doppler outline the arterial waveform of the popliteal artery.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Popliteal Artery

Women's Imaging

The Siemens Acuson X700 system helps you thrive in daily women’s imaging through advanced applications for enhanced image acquisition and visualization in breast, obstetric, and gynecologic imaging.

Ovarian Follicles

Multiple follicles are automatically measured using syngo® Auto Follicle.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Ovarian Follicles

Fetal Face

3rd trimester fetal face shown using 3-Scape™ real-time 3D imaging.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Fetal Face


Discover impeccable visualization for routine MSK imaging with an advanced imaging engine and software applications designed to reduce image artifacts as well as enhance contrast resolution and border detection.

Biceps Tendon

High frequency imaging of biceps tendon.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Biceps Tendon


The Siemens Acuson X700 system delivers access to advanced capabilities including eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging for noninvasive relative tissue stiffness analysis. This innovative application provides a high-resolution elastogram, shadow measurements, and real-time qualitative feedback to optimize your elasticity imaging experience.

Breast Cysts

Measurements match breast cysts using eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Breast Cysts

Pediatric Ultrasound

With transducers designed specifically for younger patients, this core ultrasound solution now extends to your pediatric ultrasound practices.

Parasternal long axis showing a Ventricular Septal Defect

Superior Color Doppler sensitivity for Pediatric assessment.

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Parasternal long axis showing a Ventricular Septal Defect

Full Range of Applications

Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Technical Details

Discover a new standard of “standard” with the Siemens Acuson X700™ ultrasound system. A pioneering champion in daily imaging, this core solution leverages some of the most sophisticated imaging technologies available for a practical, reliable imaging experience.

Innovation Migration

  • Advanced imaging engine with technology migrated from the Siemens Acuson S Family™ ultrasound systems
  • Hanafy lens transducer technology enhances uniformity throughout the field of view for superior contrast resolution, especially at depth
  • Clarify™ vascular enhancement (VE) technology refines vascularity and provides real-time, pixel-by-pixel adaptive enhancements
  • eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging allows for relative tissue stiffness analysis without invasion
  • Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement technology promotes clear visualization by reducing speckle
  • TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology for automatic image brightness optimization and gain equalization at the touch of a button
  • SieClear™ multi-view spatial compounding increases contrast resolution and improves the tissue differentiation of low contrast lesions
  • Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding enhances border detection and contrast resolution, and reduces image artifacts in real time
  • 20" LED screen supports the advanced imagine engine with excellent image clarity
  • Cadence™ contrast agent imaging technology1 helps bolster clinical confidence through excellent contrast detection and display

Engineered Efficiency

  • Compatible with Siemens Acuson S Family™ ultrasound system and Siemens Acuson X Family™ ultrasound system transducers
  • Single transducer solution, the VF12-4, provides excellent imaging and penetration for whole body superficial scanning
  • QuikStart rapid boot for enhanced efficiency in exams, procedures, and follow-ups
  • Available micro-pinless (MP) connector enables transducer compatibility across systems as well as increased signal-to-noise ratio for high signal fidelity and premium image quality
  • Wireless data transfer for easy, secure sharing and saving on your hospital’s network
  • Knowledge-based workflow tools help streamline exams and reduce user-to-user variability through automated technologies
  • One-touch optimization for quick, clear imaging
  • Customizable presents, measurements, and report packages for a workflow experience tailored to the way you work best
  • Ergonomic design including an integrated gel warmer, folding flat panel display, and articulating arm

Discover Knowledge-Based Workflow

  • Axius™ edge-assisted ejection fraction measurements
  • syngo® Auto OB measurements
  • syngo® Auto Follicle measurements1
  • syngo® Auto Left Heart technology
  • syngo® AHP Arterial Health Package
  • syngo® fourSight™ TEE view
  • syngo® Velocity Vector Imaging™ technology

Freedom to Grow

  • Backed by industry-leading reliability from Siemens to help prevent lengthy service interruptions
  • Single-transducer system reduces additional transducer costs by providing excellent superficial whole body scanning
  • Advanced features provided standard for premium imaging in a practical package
  • Customizable options and upgrades help you meet your clinical challenges as they evolve
  • Wide range of transducers [0.4 MB] for clinical versatility